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Bounce Ball Wall Solitaire
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The AD/HD applications here are free because they can be useful to people like me.

I have some symptoms of ADD (or AD/HD), I've been having problems concentrating and focusing on things. I memorize things that interest me very easily and I often go out of my way to learn obscure facts. I waste time. Yes, I'm a lazy man (to my parents and former girlfriends). I can develop small computer applications, but I can't commit to making long term projects.

What is AD/HD?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) is a neurobiological disorder.

We may all occasionally have difficulty paying attention. But for some adults, the problem is so persistent that it interferes with their daily lives at school, at work, and at home. If the AD/HD goes untreated during adulthood, individuals may have trouble at work.

For the diagnosis of AD/HD, a complete medical evaluation should be performed and vision or hearing deficits should be ruled out. Some children has vision disorders that interfere with their ability to learn... The symptoms mimic AD/HD.

I don't know if I really have ADD. Some symptoms attributed to ADD/ADHD are also seen in children and adults with sensory integration dysfunction and/or allergies. Some children and adults suspected of having ADHD may actually need better rest (sleep apnea may be the culprit).

My AD/HD Apps

I am forgetful and easily distracted, I constantly forget to pay the bills, I forget appointments, I miss
deadlines. I took myself off the drugs (Adderall, Rytalin, Cylert) but I develop some applications to cope with my issue:

Use it to stop some activities. To Keep Water From Boiling Over. Take a nap but don't miss a meeting.

Alert Calendar
If you haven't already, now is the time to get a daily planner and begin filling it out. Start by transferring important dates like work presentations, meetings, upcoming doctor appointments, and so on.

EtiquetA (still in development)
write any important things-to-remember here (addresses, things to do)

To report bugs, typos , make suggestions or say "hello" to Brazil (in English, Portuguese, French or Spanish), please contact:

Victor M. Sant'Anna - free@naotemnome.com

Bounce Ball Wall Solitaire

bbws game
Click HERE to download

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Alert Calendar

Alert Calendar Tray Icon Blink software

 When Alert Calendar is run, a small icon will blink in the system tray


Alert Calendar in TrayIcon

Alert Calendar

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or Click HERE to read more.


AlarmJ is a small countdown timer with a ‘minimalist’ interface. It can be set for up to 90 minutes and plays any WAV file when time expires. Whether you are taking a nap, cooking or rationing out TV time to your kids, this free program makes it easy.

Alarmj Screenshot 

Click here to download it now (just 309 Kb)!

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AlarmJ Awards:


Etiqueta Adesiva

Victor M. Sant'Anna



Click here to download it now (just 214 Kb)!


EtiquetA is a (really) small program for any version of Windows that imitates post-it notes (self-adhesive paper notes). EtiquetA allows you to stick a note on your Windows desktop.
Use EtiquetA for reminders, to-do lists, web and email addresses, or anything else  you want. Don't lose your  ideas!
EtiquetA can be customized to change note colors and fonts.

EtiquetA takes only a few seconds to download and install. To install it, just ‘unzip’ EtiquetA. EtiquetA doesn't require pre-installing any software or library on your machine. The user of this program doesn’t need to install anything because EtiquetA is an ordinary ‘.exe’ file.
To uninstall it, just delete the EtiquetA folder.
No spyware and 100% free!
Instructions: Just install (unzip) EtiquetA in any folder. Now just write a note! You don´t need to save your text, it's automatic!
Suggestion: Create a shortcut from EtiquetA on your desktop or Start Menu (just drag and drop EtiquetA from its folder to your desktop or Start Menu).

· Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP or Vista

· None! You can use EtiquetA on as many computers as you wish, free of charge.
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